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Video Footage files are special types of clues found during the game. Beardsville is a police state with a lot of cameras, and throughout the course of the game the player will acquire various video files of previous events. These files are uploaded to the BeardPad and then watched via the videos tab.

Video Footage.png

Video footage is used as a narrative device to drive the story forward by revealing clues and character actions. Upon playing a video a cut scene is played with a video player overlay, with Indie and Leo seen from behind in the bottom left and right corners in the style of Mystery Science Theater. Leo and Indie will converse about the video they are watching as it plays.

List of Video Footage Scenes


This scene is found on the computer in the spare room of Indie's apartment. It reveals the events of the previous evening, namely Amelia and Natalie finishing watching a movie and Natalie leaving to presumably go home. Natalie picks up her backpack and exits.

Leo suggests that the stolen beard may have been hidden in the bag.

Parking Structure

This scene shows Natalie after she left the apartment from the first footage scene, in the underground parking structure. She simply gets into her car and drives away.

Leo now suggests we find out Natalie's address to go to her house and investigate, possibly to find the bag and/or it's contents.