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Quests are set objectives that provide rewards when completed. They're kept track of in the quest journal, which can be brought up by clicking the central main HUD icon and then clicking the quests list icon. Quests are listed by title, and each quest can be expanded to read the text and requirements for completion.

Quests are \received during the general course of the game, most often from the various townsfolk of Beardsville. Some quests are necessary to be able to proceed with the main story objective. Others are side quests that are not paramount to completing the main story. All quests can be completed at any time and there is no time limit or expiration date on them, besides the global limit of solving the mystery (and thus completing the game) within XXX in game days.

List of Quests

Name Text Provided By Requirements Rewards Main Story
Neighborly Favor Karl owes Terrance 20 Credits. Give the credits to Terrance at the lobby desk. Karl Knock on Karl's door outside your apartment. Keep the 20 credits if you help Terrance, plus 20 more for helping him. No
Honeydew List Amelia has some items for you to pick up. Milk, Beard Conditioner and copy of this week's Beard Weekly magazine. Amelia via the phone in the parking garage. No
Painted Love Tell Dennis you did the painting for him. Maybe he will reward you. Acquired after helping Dennis paint over the parking lot graffiti. Complete painting challenge. No
Anchored Down Amelia has an Anchor style of beard. Find a fake Anchor to get into Amelia's house. Attempting to enter Amelia's house without the right beard. No
Catching Butterflies Find 10 butterflies for Rosie. Rosie, in the park. No
Real Estate Agent Find a buyer for Reginald's land. Talking to Reginald on his lot. No
Image Consultant Make Daisy cool. Daisy, near Amelia's house. No
Cheesy Adventure Find a piece of Gouda cheese for Judy. Judy, at the park. No
Old Time Mariner Catch a cod for Old Timer Bill's supper. Bill, by the park lake. No
Find Pamela Find out where Pamela is and why she isn't turning up for work. No
Twitch Promoter Distribute 10 promotional posters for Hawk and Sakume. No
Past Due Recover 5 overdue library books for Emma. Emma, in the history department library. No
Through The Looking Glass Find some glasses for Alice. No
Clothes Challenge Bring Andrew 8 layers of clothes for his podcast challenge. Example Example Example No
DMV Find out the owner of the vehicle with license plate XXX Acquired when you find the car in the University parking lot matching the sticker from the video footage from the park. Example Yes
Example Example Example Example Example No
Example Example Example Example Example No
Example Example Example Example Example No