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Spoiler Alert: This page details the whole game story and available endings. If you want to enjoy the game as intended then obviously don't read this.

The game's main story revolves around solving the crime of who stole Indie, the main character's, beard. Indie awakes one morning to find his beard stolen as he look in the bathroom mirror. His dog, Leo, discusses this situation and the two endeavor to embark on a quest to look for clues and find the perpetrator.


The current main story objective is always displayed in the main HUD. Completing this objective will unveil new clues and lead to a new main objective to pursue. Note that the main objective is not a quest, and in fact it may be required to complete one or more quests or quest chains in order to be able to move onto the next story objective.

It is up to the player to explore Beardsville and decide which quests to complete and which may progress the story. The quests themselves do not indicate if they are part of the main story line, or side quests.


Stage 1

At home apartment this serves as tutorial. Upon completing this tutorial the objective is to look around the building for clues. Exploring the corridor gives you first NPC interaction, first quest and first battle. This leads to the objective to check out the lobby area.

In the lobby gaining access to the back office, by eliminating Dennis from the doorway, yields more video footage. The footage shows Natalie leaving in her car, and causes Leo to suggest we try to track down Natalie to discover what she had in her bag. It is also possible to talk to Terrance, and to Perry. who work in the building. Perry vocalizes his suspicions about the upcoming festival and suggests it is rigged. He claims his friend at City Hall saw some classified documents to this effect, and this gives you a quest to investigate the claim.

You cannot leave the apartment building until you find the lobby office video footage. Once you do, you can choose to drive or walk outside, and will be given the objective to go to Amelia's house where you will look for Natalie's address to track her down. The parking structure has Homeless Bob in it, who can also give you a side quest for finding him a warm blanket for sleeping at night. Dennis also gives you the chance to help him paint over some graffiti, and doing so will allow you to pick up a later quest from him. Also a mandatory quest for Amelia is given to collect some items either in the parking structure, or out side the building if you leave by the street entrance.

Stage 2

The world is opened up as you are able to walk or use your car to drive around Beardsville. At Amelia's house you can only gain access with the Anchor beard. The Anchor beard has to be acquired from the Museum exhibition. To acquire it you must create a distraction in the museum on the 2nd floor by breaking the fire alarm with the mallet. This will cause everyone to leave, and allow you time to collect it before you leave also. The mallet can be acquired from Hermad's Store for 20 credits. To get in the museum you also need 25 credits per ticket, so 50 credits for you and leo. If you persuade the checkout person you can get Leo in for only 10 credits, making it 35 credits.

Once you have the Anchor and get inside Amelia's house you can look for Natalie's address. Amelia's diary is locked, and you have to figure out the code to get in. Once you figure out the code you acquire Natalie's address, which now becomes available on the world map. Going to Natalie's house there are two ways to enter. Through the front door, which requires you to have Friendly Mutton Chops beard, or a secret entrance hidden round the back which doesn't require any special beard. To get Friendly Mutton Chops you must complete the xxx quest. Inside Natalie's another problem awaits, namely that Natalie appears to be missing. It seems she is hiding somewhere, and you must gain access to the garage to find her. This is done by playing the proper melody on the piano from the note found on the fridge, which opens the locked garage door. Natalie emerges, and she confesses to stealing your beard and says she was forced to do it by an anonymous caller who said if she didn't they would not return her beard to her, which was stolen a week ago. Out of fear she took the beard and left it in the park at a designated area given by the caller in a sealed cardboard box. In preparation for the worst she also acquired a fake beard for herself in the meantime (in case hers was stolen), and now she gives it to you. This is the Chin Curtain beard.

You decide to go to the Park to see if the box has been picked up, and Natalie agrees ot meet you there when you arrive. If you are fast enough, you are hoping to collect it before the mysterious caller does. At the park the box appears to be gone. In search of a clue as to the whereabouts of the missing beard you must acquire video footage from the park administration office. This footage will reveal a car and a figure in the early hours collecting the box, and by zooming in on the picture you are able to identify the license plate of the car.

During this stage other maps will have quests you can pick up, and items you can forage and sell. The Stubble district is inaccessible due to the guard barricade. The University is accessible and Amelia will be inside working on her project, generally too busy to talk to you. The dorms and recording studio will not be accessible, however. The City Hall will be closed due to worker strikes. The park can be explored and some quests can be collected and completed.

Stage 3

Upon discovering the license plate clue, you discuss with Leo that City Hall will have vehicle records and you can learn who owns it. You head to City Hall. Inside City Hall is maze of bureaucratic annoyance, and to get the information you need involves a small chain events where you are passed from department to department. First, you go to the main window on the right to get a number, which tells you to return in 2 hours. In 2 hours you go for the appointment adn are told that owner records are kept on floor 2, talk to Landon. Landon tells you to go and give judge Axel some papers. Doing this you go back to Landon who then says he has the authorization slip and you need to go to Autumn on the other side of the building to get the actual information. Autumn sends you back to Ella who has the info after all. You learn the car is owned by Ezekiel Jones, a professor currently employeed at the University.

When you leave the city hall and walk down the steps, Amelia will call. A cut scene is triggered and Ameli says she got a distressed voicemail from Natalie and has since been unable to reach her. She knows Natalie stole your beard, and asks you all to come to her house because she has something to discuss with you and it is safe there. Once you go to her house Amelia is there waiting, and through a cut scene we learn that she also has her beard stolen two weeks ago. She has been covering it up, and quickly acquired a fake Anchor beard to avoid suspicion. There is clearly something larger going on in Beardsville beyond the single theft of Indie's beard.

You head to the University and will find Professor Jones in the history department. Professor Jones confesses his involvement and claims that he just does an Uber in the evenings to make extra money and was paid to collect an unknown package (your beard) and then destroy it by taking it to the landfill in the Stubble District. You are able to now recover your stolen beard which he has in his drawer.

The trail is now dead. Even though you have your beard back, and even though you technically know who took it, you do not know the ultimate source behind this and the other beard thefts. Amelia had asked you to pick up her research papers from the Physics department before you left her house, and when you follow this quest line you learn that physics department requires a lot raw beard material to run it's intensive quantum simulation experiments. While exploring the University you discover many students and researchers have had their beards stolen also, expanding the investigation to a city wide conspiracy. Most victims suspect Stubble District residents, claiming they would steal their beards so that they get out of the Stubble District. To get to this point in the investigation you must discover at least 5 other characters who have had their beard stolen. This will trigger a cut scene encouraging you to return to Amelia's. When you return to Amelia's all clues are pointing to the Stubble District. It is agreed that you will go there as Leo, because you cannot go there yourself.

During this stage the Stubble District remains blocked. The University dorms and media studio become accessible now as you have Amelia's employee access key.

Stage 4

Once in the Stubble District Leo is alone. Indie returns to Amelia's while Leo is put in charge of discovering more clues. It is agreed Leo will call when he is ready to be extracted. At this point in the game there is no way to travel, and no way to get home. For the nights Leo sleeps in his sleeping bag on the streets of the Stubble District, waking up at 6am as usual (but without daily newspaper in the morning). Leo does not wear beards, and it is not necessary as all the Stubbler District residents only have stubbler anyway.

You must talk to some of the Stubblers. After speaking to Jack he will offer to introduce you to Michael, in exchange for 5 tubes of sunscreen. Get the sunscreen from the store. When Jack introduces you Michael tells you lots of production has been ramping up in the Frank's factory, but there is no way in. He suggests instead GPS tracking a truck leaving the facility. If you don't have a GPS you call back home and tell Indie. This means you then must leave the Stubble District and go back to Amelia's and play again as Indie. You will need to buy a GPS tracker from Hermad's. If you don't have enough money, you will need to earn it via quests or scavenging. Once you have the GPS you can go back to the district again as Leo. To place the GPS on the guarded truck you need to distract the guards. This is done by enlisting the kids at the skate park. They will only do it if you prove to them your skating skills. Then go back to the truck, and the kids will lure the guards away. Place the GPS tracker on the truck.

You will see it goes across the border to City Hall. You are now given a time limit to get back to City Hall. Doing this will show the truck outside, and you discover inside lots of bottles of liquid. You are now caught, and taken back to the factory as prisoner.

Stage 5

Indie applies stubble and heads to Stubble district. He finds Leo in the warehouse. Now they must find a sample of the beard serum to use as evidence. After this Indie must go to the Mayor, and confront him. Upon eliciting a confession out of the Mayor, he reveals that he selling the material to the Physics Department at the University. It appears the Mayor paid Frank to acquire raw beard material, which he accomplished by stealing beards from the citizens of Beardsville, and Frank used the funds to ramp up research in his beard serum facility to develop a beard serum for the people of the Stubble District. But the Mayor says they'll never prove it, and you are booted out.

Indie now is able to attend the beard festival at the park. At the festival Indie blows the cover on the stolen beard case and reveals his fake beard as well. The final festival ending is based on the favor rating you have with all of the townsfolk:

  • The first ending assumes you have less than 50% favorable rating. In this ending Indie does not get the support from the crowd, and they turn against him. You are booted out to live in the Stubble District.
  • The second ending assumes a favorable rating of greater than 50%. This causes everyone else to take off their fake beards in support of Indie, and the Mayor is turned on. Beardsville is revolutionized as a new beard free state where people are free to choose if they want a beard or not.


Meanwhile in Stubble District a breakthrough is made on the beard serum and all Stubblers can now instantly grow beards. Stubble District becomes a beard only zone, effectively flipping the two towns from the start of the game.