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Leo is the main companion to Indie in the adventure to find the stolen beard.

In the tutorial Leo appears wearing his pajama robes in the apartment.

$CHAR Leo Pajamas%(8).png

After the tutorial Leo changes into his main outfit.

$CHAR Leo NoBeard%(8).png

Playing As Leo

The player will take control of Leo to initially explore the stubble district. Indie and Amelia are unable to explore this area because it is a guarded district of Beardsville and requires good reason to access. Thus, Leo is sent to explore this area initially to continue to chase and follow leads.


When Leo has something to say a speech icon will appear on his character. Clicking him will result in him talking to you, usually to discuss recently found clues and current objectives. If he has nothing to say but is clicked on he will tell you a dad quality level of joke, followed by 1 of 3 possible cheesy dances.

Dad Jokes

There are around 150 dad jokes that Leo will randomly tell you if you talk to him and he has no other information to impart.