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Items in Beardsville are acquired from general exploration, completing quests and progressing through the main story.

All items are stored in your bag and can be viewed in the Items tab of the BeardPad.

Purpose and Usage

Many items are part of quest chains are required to reach the end of quests and/or progress the main story line. Using an item is possible when interacting with the environment and other townsfolk, and will be apparent by showing a Use Item choice option or cue. Upon selecting this the full list of current items will be displayed and a particular can be selected accordingly. If the item can be used it will result in earning further items, or unlocking dialogue, quests, clues and further plot developments. If the item cannot be used a message will be displayed.

Buying Items

It is possible to buy items at various stores with available credits. It is also possible to buy some items from certain townsfolk under the right conditions.

Selling Items

It is possible to sell some specific items to certain townsfolk under the right conditions.

Combining items


List of Items

Image Name Description Found Sell Price Used In
ITEM BeardPad.png BeardPad Tablet device used to view your items, beards, clues, suspects and videos. Leo gives you during tutorial. Cannot be sold. Key item used throughout game.
Pet Translator Allows you to understand animals. A common place item. During tutorial. Cannot be sold. Works automatically, allows you to communicate with Leo.
Knife A small chopping knife from your apartment. In your apartment kitchen.
Cheap Wine (Red) Merlot In your apartment kitchen.
Car Keys Your car keys. In the parking structure, picked up by Leo. Cannot be sold. Allows you to drive your car through Beardsville.
Poison Looks like poison. Even has a skull on it, must be poison.
Letter It is a felony to open mail not addressed to you.
Wrench In England they called it a "spanner".
Prize Ribbon Your first prize ribbon from last year's beard competition.
Flashlight Takes 2 AA batteries.
Beard Sutras Canonical scriptures, first transmitted by Gautama Bearda, between the 2nd century BC and the 2nd century AD.
Hand Shovel A regular garden hand shovel. Inside the planter to the left of the elevator of the apartment lobby.
Small Pebble It is almost perfectly round. Almost. Dug up in the lobby planter using the Hand Shovel. Dig up various things.
Milk A half gallon of milk Honeydew List
Beard Conditioner Beard conditioner. Beardsville's finest, all natural, quality ingredients. Honeydew List
Beard Weekly Copy of Beard Weekly. Honeydew List
Bag It carries your stuff. Acquired from Leo before leaving your apartment. Cannot be sold.
GPS Tracker
Sound Recorder
Surveillance Camera
Motion Detector
Cloaking Device