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Who Stole My Beard is an exploratory RPG, allowing the player to achieve goals non-linearly.


Controls are available for keyboard/mouse, touch screen and game pad. Depending on the platform you can use exclusively the keyboard, exclusively the mouse/touchscreen (point-and-click), or exclusively a game controller.


The opening cut scene sequence begins in your apartment at 6am on a Monday morning. You are introduce to your dog, Leo and you girlfriend Amelia. Amelia is leaving to go the the University and your character is asleep in bed. Upon waking you discover the loss of your beard, which was stolen sometime between you going to bed the previous evening and waking up.

The tutorial will introduce you to the main mechanics of exploring the environment and picking up items. You will also acquire your BeardPad, a digital tablet device through which you can view your items, suspects, beards, videos and log.

  • Explore the apartment to find some initial items for your inventory after Leo is carrying the bag for you.
  • Before you can leave the apartment you must watch the video footage from your home computer to find the first clue in the case.
  • To proceed through the tutorial you must also speak to Leo and change your beard.


Beards are required to venture outside of your apartment and travel throughout Beardsville. You will find various fake beards throughout the story, earned from completing quests, story milestones and winning battles. The first fake beard you will find is the goatee in your bedroom drawers in your apartment. This will allow you to leave the apartment and teach you how to change your beard.

Sleeping at the end of the day will restore the players' energy. After 12:00AM, the player won't restore 100% of the energy. If the player is exhausted when they go to bed or forced sleep at 2:00AM, they'll wake up in the morning with their energy level about half restored.

On the third day of summer, an earthquake will remove the rocks that block the path leading to the Spa (north of the Carpenter's Shop). The Spa will fully restore energy over a short period of time.


Items can be picked up after Leo is in the party and is carrying the bag. The bag stores all of your items and has an unlimited capacity. Items can be picked up, earned or created at various stages throughout the game.

Suspects and Townsfolk

Talking to the Townsfolk will initiate dialog and quests. If they are a suspect in the case it will also add that citizen to your suspects list. You can give items/gifts to certain citizens by choosing the appropriate option choice during interaction. This can increase your favor with the citizen, or be part of a longer quest chain. Unique cut scenes and interactions can also occur as favor is earned and quests are completed. Many citizens have quests and desires that are not part of main story line. However, gaining their favor will impact the end of the game and the final ending you receive.


The game battle system differs from traditional RPG turn based systems and uses a card based system with the battle occurring on the main map rather than a cut screen.