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Favor is a key component of the game play. Favor determines how much a suspect of Beardsville likes you. All suspects start out with no favor, and can be increased up to full favor by giving gifts and helping them with their personal goals and problems.

There are 5 levels of favor depicted by a heart icon above the character, like so:



Gifts may be given to any suspect to increase or decrease their opinion of you (favor). Most gifts will increase the suspects current opinion of you by 1 heart unit. However, gifts only get you so far and once a character has a 3 out of 5 favor with you further gifts will not increase their opinion of you. To reach favor beyond this you must help the character in a more meaningful and personal way by helping them with a specific problem or request.

Note that some gifts will be rejected by the character if they do not like it, but this will not reduce favor with them.

You may give a gift to each character only once per day.


Helping characters with specific quests will gain favor with them. You will gain 3 favor points (up to the maximum of 5) by helping them with a specific quest.


The game final ending hinges upon how much favor you have with the other characters in the game. All characters with favor ratings will be attending the upcoming beard festival and may or not support your cause depending on their current favor rating. Whether a character will rally behind you is directly linked to the favor points you have with them. So for example, if you have 0 out of 5 favor (empty heart) they will definitely not support you. If you have 1 out of 5, they have a 1 in 5, or 20%, chance of supporting you. If you have 2 out of 5, they have a 2 in 5, or 40%, chance of supporting you, and so on.

For the "good" ending of the game you will required at least half of the attendees to support you in total.