Day Cycle

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The day cycle is a period of 20 hours in game from 6am to 2am. The Player can stay awake until 2am, after which he will be automatically sent back home to adhere to the 2am city curfew.

The game saves only after the player has gone to sleep, commencing the end of day. The next day will see the player at the Beard Festival, whereby the games end sequence commences. If the player has not enough support from the community the crowd will turn on the player and the player will drink the Mystery Potion. The scene will cut here and the mystery potion will return the player back to the start of the previous day at 6am. The game continues in this time loop, with the day before the beard festival repeating over and over like groundhog day, as the player learns and uncovers the mystery based on the experiences of the previous attempts.

Townfolk and City Routines

It is considered nighttime after 6pm, but it does not become dark until around 8pm (when outside).

Townsfolk will often appear or interact differently (or not all) at night time, and various locations may be closed or open.


If the game is not paused and passes without a cut-scene, one maximum-length game-day (20 hours) passes in 860 seconds real-time (14 minutes 20 seconds). At this rate:

  • One displayed time step of 10 minutes in-game equals about 7.17 seconds.
  • One in-game hour equals 43 seconds.
  • One in-game season equals 401 minutes 20 seconds (~6.689 hours).
  • One in-game year equals 1605 minutes 20 seconds (~26.756 hours).
  • Two in-game years equal 3210 minutes 40 seconds (~53.511 hours).

This calculation does not contain any between-day cut-scenes, announcements, or the selling summary after each day.

Playing 18-hour game-days:

  • One in-game day equals 774 seconds (12.9 minutes).
  • One in-game season equals 361 minutes 12 seconds (6.02 hours).
  • Two in-game years equal 2889 minutes 36 seconds (48.16 hours).