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Beardville is where the game is located. It is the city where all the story and action take place, and where all the townsfolk live, work, and socialize.

XXX is the mayor of Beardsville.

TODO: describe the relative locations of each area here after map is complete.

Initially, the player has access to only his apartment building and Amelia's house. As the story unfolds, more places are discovered and can be reached via the world map. The player drives to main areas of the city, and then will walk to different zones within that area.

World Map

Whenever the player gets into their car, they are taken to the world map to choose where to travel to.


Key Locations

Image Name Description
Example Apartment The home of the player.
Example Apartment Corridoor The corridoor outside the players apartment.
Example Apartment Lobby The lobby area of the main apartment building.
Example Apartment Office The back office of the apartment building, for employees.
Example Apartment Parking Underground parking structure of apartment building where residents and guest park.
Example Park The city park.
Example Park Store The convenience store and help desk of the park.
Example Park Store Office Administration office of the park store.
Example Amelia's House Amelia's house, 2 stories.
Example Natalie's House Natalie's house, 2 stories.
Example University The city university buildings, local business, residential houses, sport facility, etc.
Example Physics Department The physics research department of the university.
Example History Department The history research department of the university.
Example Dormitories The students accommodation at the university.
Example Media Studio The recording studio for media studies at the university.
Example City Hall The city hall. 2 stories.
Example Mayor's Office The mayor's office inside City Hall.
Example Slums The slums of the Stubble District.
Example Warehouse Warehouse facility inside slums, 2 stories.
Example Museum The city museum. 2 levels.

City Laws

Beardsvilles main social law is that citizens must have beards. Citizens with stubble are generally considered social outcasts and forced to live in the poorer Stubble District. Citizens with no beard at all (excluding children) are arrested and evicted from the city.

Fake beards are considered contraband.


The Beardsville police enforce the laws, responding to citizen reports of beardless citizens or citizens using fake beards.